Monday, March 21, 2011

March 2011 trip to Shanghai, Suzhou

Last week I was in Suzhou, a city a little west of Shanghai, and took some photos. Very interesting place with a lot of rather ancient history. I liked very much the Humble Administrator's Garden. It's quite large, with several small buildings and waterways and paths, and very pretty as you can see here.

Suzhou is a very pleasant place. I felt quite safe walking around after dark. There are lots of little outdoor markets. I stopped at one to get some squid on a stick, which was spicy and tasty. My photo of the squid-on-a-stick guy is unfortunately a little blurry.
I'm still kind of tired with jet lag. When my energy level is a little higher I will add more stuff to this. Generally it left me with a very positive impression of mainland China, which was a surprise as I'd been told to expect it to be a bit backward culturally. We were there for electronics manufacturing and there was certainly plenty of that, and plenty of heavy industry in the Shanghai area. Lots of construction, lots of big cranes all over the place.

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