Sunday, March 02, 2008

Coming soon: a complete RepRap kit is an on-line store based in the UK which will be offering a complete set of parts for the RepRap for UK£299, or somewhere around US$600 given current exchange rates. They will offer both hardware and software.

I wish I could claim to be so ambitious that I would take a more active approach than simply ordering all the parts in a kit. But I'm as lazy and tired as the next guy, so a kit is really the only practical way I'm likely to do this. And the price is just about right. Months ago, Adrian Bowyer was talking about $400 as a target price for the long term, after lots of self-replicating machines had brought the price of parts down to a minimum. To get so close to the long-term price so quickly is fantastic.

With this kind of head start, the scenario where RepRaps bootstrap themselves to microeconomic ubiquity looks very plausible.

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