Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My trip to Munich, 20-25 March 2008

My brother Bob and his wife Anja have been spending a year living in Munich. Bob is in the Air Force reserves and is working at the Air Force base there. Here are my photos from the trip.

For the moment this blog entry is only a placeholder, later I'll fill in more details. The itinerary was roughly as follows. Wednesday night, took a red-eye from Boston to London Heathrow, landing at 6 AM local time and spending six hours learning about unreasonable exchange rates. Then a two hour flight to the Munich airport near Erding where Bob lives and works.

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On Friday we went to the Museum Mensch und Natur (map) in downtown Munich. On Saturday we went to Herrenchiemsee, a palace on an island in the middle of a lake, modeled after Versailles in France. On Sunday we went to the Deutsches Museum (photos, map) in Munich, and I've got to say, it's the best science and technology museum I have ever seen in my life. On Monday we went to the castle complex at Burghausen, on the Austrian border. On Tuesday I was too frantic catching my plane for any interesting adventures, although Bob and I did bike into town to get strawberries and fresh croissants.


Bruce Miller said...

Great "flying" trip. Hope the Hofbrau Haus had a beer or two fer ya.

Will Ware said...

I did drink plenty of beer there. Wierd thing with this post, maybe because I stupidly included the map in it, but Blogspot won't let me edit it any more. That's annoying.